2M Technics Story

 CARS - this is what we are about.

4 years ago we got our fingers into resin and they were really dirty. We bought first MX-5 which was 1999 NB 103 KW with lowered suspension and KONI schocks. It was funny little red ball to drive around corners and some times on track. We sold it... Long live NB. Then time came to get NA. Till now we have it in our workshop as test fitting lab bunny.

As we were getting experience with composites one wild idea came to our heads why we are not offering the best what we do to MX-5 community. Of course, there are a lot of merchants who resell or produce parts not caring much if the customer will be happy with the purchase. We are not like that...

Through these years being in business we were offering QUALITY. Who wants to pay their hard earned cash on flimsy cheap bits. We don't and that's why we produce only quality items for your beloved project cars.

As we noticed that Mk2 NB owners are quite forgot in the branch we work we started to gather ideas how could we change that. New parts? Yeah! 3D scan of stock NB, 3D designed bodykit - wide wheel arches (not that crazy wide like Rocket Bunny I know how many of you guys are set back by need of ultra wide wheels on those arches), front lip with splitter, rear diffuser and some interesting work on rear spoiler. Also have you seen Mazda MX-5 hardtop louver? These were made by KG Works in Japan. We're gonna make different louver. KG Works by Randy George

3 years ago we started selling on eBay at today we have started our independant e-shop and we think it will be much easier and faster for our future customers to choose what they want.